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As a member of the Federation of Thai industries,Thai EPP Foam is not noly working to satisfy growing local and internation demand of EPS, EPE and EPP, but also to enhance the reputation and standard of Thai manufactured products which make the coutry a prime competitor in global market.

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Environmentally friendly foam Most people take foam and polystyrene packaging products for granted, without realising the myriad applications foam has. Nor do they realise how environmentally friendly such products can be these days. Most people come into contact with foam when it is used to pack their latest electronic purchase. But what they might not realise is that this versatile product is also used in cars, air-conditioning units and even as a building product for houses and roads. For over 40 years, Thai EPP Foam has been Thailand's leading producer of foam and foam products. Specialising in the manufacture of a comprehensive range of foam goods, Thai EPP Foam supplies many of the world's best known companies. Employing over 800 highly-skilled workers at six state-of-the-art factories all over Thailand, the group turns out a wide range of foam goods. Foam is used for packaging and insulation, as well as in many other products that are both exported and used in the domestic market. As such, Thai EPP Foam not only contributes to the Thai economy but helps to enhance the country's reputation as a centre for high-quality manufactured goods. The group's products are made from several kinds of foam, including: - Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) - Expandable Polyethylene (EPE) - Expandable Polypropylene (EPP) - Expandable Polyethylene/Polystyrene Co Polymer (PIOCELAN) These foams are used in a variety of products, includin

Packaging As it is approximately 98 per cent air, foam makes an ideal packaging product. It can be moulded into a variety of shapes and designs and is an excellent shock absorber. Food containers As well as being clean and hygienic, foam is also a great insulator and, as a result, is the perfect material for packaging food products. Thai EPP Foam uses no hazardous substances in any of its products, so customers are assured that their food is packed in the safest possible materials. The group provides packing foam to the fast food industry and makes heat-resistant containers for instant meals. Construction materials Foam is used in many aspects of construction. It is an excellent insulator and is often used in housing to keep rooms cool or warm. It is also used as a foundation in engineering or building projects on soft ground. Car parts The Thai EPP Foam helps to ensure the safety of drivers throughout the region by providing bumper cores (EPP or PIOCELAN moulded) and side-door safety cushions to some of the biggest names in motoring. Home electronic parts and other products Among the many other products that use foam, and which are manufactured by Thai EPP Foam, are parts for electronic machinery, such as refrigerators and air-conditioning units. The group also manufactures safety helmets for motorcyclists, which can be treated so that they are waterproof and heat-resistant. Decades of success Thai EPP Foam is one of Thailand's most successful businesses because it is constantly striving to improve its products and services for customers. In line with its pursuit of excellence, the group last year attained ISO 9001:2000 certification from TUV.

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